Chapter 1 Basics

Featured Piece in the Anthology, with score, analysis, and recording

Strophic hymn “Ave Maris Stella” (Anthology 1)

Date: text from the 9th century

Finding a medieval copy:

Anthology 1: Hymn: “Ave Maris Stella”
US-Notre Dame, Univ. Notre Dame, Hesburgh Library, cod. Lat. b. 4, fol 333v
Using the paging tool to find fol. 333v (the verso side of folio 333).

Sample Recordings of “Ave Maris Stella”

Gregorian Chants for Marian Festivals [(Naxos), Label: Capriccio Catalogue No.: C10738]
Sacred Hungarian Folk Songs and Gregorian Chants  [(Naxos): Label: Hungaroton Catalogue No.: HCD1827]

Other Albums on Naxos containing recordings of pieces mentioned in the first chapter (but not in the Anthology):

Album: Matrise Notre-Dame de Paris: Mater Salvatoris

Track 1: Hymn: “Ave Maris Stella”

Track 2: Motet: “Ave beatissima/Ave Maria/Ave Maris Stella”

Track 3: Victorine Sequence: “O Maria Stella Maris”

Track 4 Conductus: “Ave Maris Stella”

Track 5: Rondeau: “Salve nos stella maris”

Album: Boston Camerata: With Joyful Noise

Track 9: Ave Maris Stella – “O Maria, deu Maire” [Also on their album Medieval Christmas]

Album: ALTERA ROMA – Musique au palais des Papes, Avignon (XIVe siecle) (Cullin, Deschamps)

Track 5: “Ave Maris Stella”

Album: Codex Faenza: Instrumental Music of the Early 15th Century (Ensemble Unicorn)

Track 17: “Ave Maris Stella”

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