Chapter 11 Basics

Featured Pieces in the Anthology, with scores, analyses, and recordings (complete information in Anthology)

Anthology 36: “Ave regina celorum/Mater innocencie/Ite Joseph,” Latin double motet by Marchetto of Padua (fl. 1305-1319). Original in Oxfore University Bodleian Library, Canonici Class. Latin 112, fol. 61v-62v. Recording on the Norton Website by Michael Anderson, and musicians from the Eastman School of Music. The transcription was made from the original notation by Professor Michael Long.

Anthology 37: “Quando i oselli canta” two-voice madrigal, composed in the first half of the 14th century; found in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Rossi 215, fol. 2v. On Youtube is a spirited performance by Ensemble Micrologus: The version by Gothic Voices on the album A Song for Francesca is available on Amazon (but it seems the whole album must be purchased). An instrumental version can be found on Spotify on the album Stylems: Italian Music From the Trecento Classica by Ensemble Syntagma.

Anthology 38: “De sospirar sovente,” two-voice ballata by Francesco Landini (c. 1325-1397). Florence, Biblioteca medicea-laurenziana, Med. Pal. 87, fol. 149v.   The piece can be found on Naxos, on the album A Laurel for Landini, by Gothic Voices, track 7:

Anthology 39: “Cacciando per gustar,” a three-voice double-texted caccia by Antonio Zacara da Teramo (c.1350-60-after May 19, 1413). As with Anthology 38, also found in the Squarcialupi Codex. The piece is performed by the Orlando Consort on the album Food, Wine, and Song, available on Naxos: Orientis Partibus on the album Cacciando per gustar: cacce e madrigali del Trecento Italiano, track 13 as well as on the album Zacara by Sine nomine, also found on Spotify.

Anthology 40: “Singularis laudis digna,” a three-voice cantilena, composed in England after 1347. Original is New York, Pierpont Morgan Library MS 978, fol.1. The piece is found on Naxos by the Hilliard Ensemble on Medieval English Music, track 2: the album Medieval Music in English Manuscripts by Liber unUsualis, on Spotify: music in english

Terms and Names in Chapter 11
musica ficta
Sarum rite

Boccaccio, Giovanni (1313-1375)
Haymo of Faversham (1175-1244)
Landini, Francesco (1325-1397)
Marchetto of Padua (fl. 1305-1319)
Old Hall Manuscript
Squarcialupi Codex
Zacara da Teramo (c.1350-c.1413)