Chapter 8 Basics

Featured Pieces in the Anthology, with scores, analyses, and recordings (complete information in Anthology)

Anthology 21: “Laude novella; ” Freiburg Spielleyt: Naxos CHR77296

Bibl. Comunale de Cortona MS 91, f. 3; transcription by Tischler

Anthology 22: “Bache bene venies;”  Ensemble Unicorn & Oni Wytars: Naxos 8.554837

Text from Carmina Burana; Melody from the Play of Daniel

Anthology 23: Thibaut of Champagne (1201-1253) “Chançon ferai que talenz” Paul Hillier, Naxos-Harmonia Mundi:HCX3957184  and The Medieval Lyric

Anthology 24: “Rosa des rosas” Cantiga de loor (late 13th century) Ensemble Gilles Binchois, Naxos, Ambroisie AMB9973; Cantigas de Loor, ed. Martin Cunningham

Anthology 25: Martin Codax: “Ondas do mare de Vigo;” Cantiga de amigo, late 13th century; Hilliard Ensemble, Flower of Chivalry, on Spotify; From M.P. Ferreira, The Sound of Martin Codax

Terms and names found in Chapter 8
formes fixes

Adam de la Halle (c.1245-c.1285)
Alfonso the Wise (1221-1284)
Carmina Burana
Francis of Assisi (1182-1226)
Martin Codax (fl. c.1240-1270)
Renart (fl. 1200-1222)
Thibaut of Champagne (1201-1253)

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